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Have a Nice Death – How to Get Ingots




There are a number of resources in Have a Nice Death that players will obtain as they progress through their run in the departments. These resources are work as the in-game currencies and there are multiple currencies in the game. One of the useful currencies in the game is Ingot that can be used to buy different sorts of weapons and food for the run.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get ingots in Have a Nice Death.

Getting Ingots

Ingots is one of the main currencies in Have a Nice Death which can be used to buy different Cloak Weapons and Food for the run. The new weapons will allow you to take down enemies in a new dominant way and the food will allow you to go even further in your run by healing your character. All of this can only be possible if you get enough Ingots in your run.

In order to get the Ingots, you can obtain them by killing enemies in a mandatory stage. The mandatory stage is the one that you cannot simply pass by. You will have to take down all of the enemies in order to open the path ahead. By completing the Mandatory stages, you will get certain amount of Ingots as well.

Ingots can also be found in the hidden areas in the biomes. These hidden areas are marked with a lock and they can only be unlocked by using an Anima so, keep an eye out for the locked areas and when you go down these areas, you can find more rare weapons or ingots.

Earn Ingots by ending the Run

The last way to get the Ingots is by ending a run. You can end the run by successfully taking out all of the Sorrows Enemies (Bosses) in all of the biomes or by dying. Dying will give you the ingots on the basis of your current run stats. The enemies that you have killed, the Soularies that you have gathered, and much more. After dying, you will return back to your desk with all earned Ingots and you will be able to use them to buy the things for your future run.

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