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Have a Nice Death – Where to Buy Weapons and Food items




Players will get to unlock various weapons and get food items during their run but it is very hard to select the ones that you want to stay put with throughout the run. One of the best ways to get the best weapons and food items for your run is to buy them. Select the weapons that you want the most and you will do eventually good in your next run.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy weapons and food items in Have a Nice Death.

Buying Weapons and Food Items

The Weapons and Food Items can only be bought from an NPC named “Joe”. It will be a confusing for the new players as they will not meet any NPC named “Joe” during the run. In order to get to the NPC, you will have to finish your run either by completing it successfully which means, completing the game or finish the run by dying.

In both cases, you will return to your desk and you will get to explore and meet new NPCs before you get to the elevator. While moving ahead on the path, talk to the NPC with a cap to view the shop of Weapons and Food Items. The NPC is Joe and he will sell you various Weapons, Spells, and Food Items.

All of the things listed in the shop are bought with Ingots. If you don’t know how to get Ingots then you can read our guide on Ingots as well. The Shop will also has the sale feature which is determined by different challenges. If you have completed a challenge regarding to a weapon, a spell, or a food item, you will get off up to 95%.

Joe's Shop

However, completing these challenges will take a lot so, if you have enough number of Ingots, you can buy the things you want for your next run from Joe. There are two different categories in the shop. One is for weapons and the other one is for Food. You can change the tabs to switch between the categories to buy the items you want.

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