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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Past the Windmill




Resident Evil 4 Remake is filled with all kinds of puzzles. Players will have to solve the puzzles in order to access the locked areas on the map to progress ahead in the game. The very first puzzle that you will have to solve is to open the door under the Windmill to cross the area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get past by the Windmill in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Open the Metal Door

Once you have gone through the encounter in Village Square, you need to make your way towards the Lake. When you go ahead on the path, you will reach the Windmill area where the Metal Door will be closed. You will have to open the Metal Door in order to cross the area to get to the Lake. Follow the following steps to open the Metal Door.

  • Make your way to the closed Metal Door and look to the right.
  • Go through the small metal door on the right and make your way up from the ladder.
  • You will see a handle but a Metal Cog will be missing in the middle. Go through the broken wall to make your way inside the locked workshop.
  • Go down the ladder and you will get attacked by enemies. Clear the area from the enemies and go back to the workshop.
  • Go behind the ladder and you will see the missing Metal Cog.
  • Pick up the Metal Cog and make your way back to the Windmill.
  • Place the Missing Metal Cog in the middle and then interact with the handle to open the Metal Door.
Place the Metal Cog and use the Handle

Go Past the Metal Door

Once you have opened the door, make your way down from the Windmill and go through the opened Metal Door. Go ahead on the path to get to the Lake.

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