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Have a Nice Death – How Curses Work




There are a lot of different mechanics in Have a Nice Death that new players will have to learn in order to play the game more dominant way. As you are playing as a Death, you need to be superior than all of the Sorrows and the enemies and the best way to overcome them is by unlocking the Curses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Curses Work in Have a Nice Death.

How to Earn a Curse

As players progress through the biomes, they will meet an NPC named “Mr. O’Shah” who is known for giving out curses and he will also offer you three different types of curses. For the first time, the curses will play as a bonus as there will be no penalty for it. The three types of curses that Mr. O’Shah will offer you are the following.

  • Red Curse
  • Blue Curse
  • Green Curse

Now, the Red Curse is mainly for your Cloak Weapons and Spells. If you select the Red Curse, it will enhance the damage or vice versa of your Cloak Attack output and Spell output. The Blue Curse is mainly for the defense of your character. It will increase your character’s HP and vice versa. The Green Curse is mainly for your spells and Mana. By selecting the Green Curse, you will increase the output of your spells or decrease the consuming amount of Mana by spells.

Whenever, you select a curse for the first time, it will not give you any penalty. However, when you select the same bonus for the second time, you will see a penalty warning in the bottom of the Curse Card. After selecting the same card as before, you will get to select a penalty for yourself. You will have to get the penalty in order to get the curse otherwise, you will not get the curse. Soo, make sure to select the penalty that you can work with for the rest of the run.

Select the Bonus to Get the Curse

You will meet Mr. O’Shah at different points of the game as you progress through the biomes so, make sure to select the curse for your defense as well as spells because they will make a huge difference in the more difficult fights.

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