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Tchia – How to Play Soul-Melodies



Playing Soul-Melodies

There are various items in the game that players will get as they progress through the main story of the game. Each of the item has certain uses in the game that players can utilize in the story of Tchia. One of the useful abilities in the game is Soul-Melodies that have certain effects on Tchia as well as the surroundings.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to play Soul-Melodies in Tchia.

Playing Soul-Melodies

Soul-Melodies are the abilities of Ukulele that players will unlock in the second chapter of the game. Once they have unlocked Ukulele, they will have to complete an activity named “Rock Balancing”. Completing the activity will unlock certain Soul-Melodies that players can play at any time in the game. To play the Soul-Melodies, players will have to go in Soul-melody Mode.

In order to go into the Soul-Melody Mode, press the 1 Button (PC) or press the Right Button on the D-Pad (PlayStation). After that, you will see all the Soul-Melodies you have unlocked. Now, you need to play the tune of the Soul-Melody for which you want to get the effect.

Soul-Melodies Instructions

Play the Tune by pressing the Left Click (PC) or pressing the Square Button (PlayStation). Once you have played the tune correctly, the effect will be triggered instantly. It is one of the useful abilities in the game and you can unlock all different kinds of Soul-Melodies by finding and completing the Rock Balancing Activity.

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