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Tchia – How to Discover New Areas



Discover New Areas

Tchia provides a huge world map with various islands in it that can be discovered by players as they progress through the main story of the game. However, all of these islands have secret hidden areas and items that can be discovered by players. Finding these new places and items will unlock special items as well as cosmetics for the character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to discover new areas in Tchia.

Point of View

In order to discover hidden areas and places on the islands, players will have to Shout from a Point of View. Point of View is one of the Activities in Tchia that can be performed by your character. Points of View are found on a higher ground on an island and it’s location is marked with a Green Flag.

It will not be shown on the map as it is for the players to find them by themselves by exploring the island. When you are on Point of View, you will get the option to Shout. Press the Square Button (PlayStation) or the E Button (PC) to shout from Point of View. It will mark all the hidden areas and items near the Point of View location.

Point of View

The areas and items will be marked with a white marker on the map. Open the map to see all the white markers and you can go to these locations to discover more useful items as well as new cosmetics for your character.

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