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Tchia – How to Unlock Ukulele




Music is one of the main elements of the Tchia game and as players play through the main story of the game, they will get to play different musical instruments as well. One of the main Musical instrument of the game is Ukulele and players will have to unlock it in order to play it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Ukulele in Tchia.

Unlocking Ukulele

In order to unlock Ukulele, players will have to complete the very first chapter of the game. At the end of the first chapter, you will meet a new person named “Tre” who has a Ukulele. You will reach a new location named “Tre’s Camp” in the second chapter and you will have to complete a small objective of gathering the Pearls for Coutume.

You can find Pearls under the water so, dive into the water and look for shining pearls in the ocean. Make sure to not stay under the water for too long because you will get fainted. Come up from the water when your oxygen level gets low and dive in again to get the pearls. Once you have obtained the Pearls, you need to return to Tre at the campfire.

It will trigger a cutscene in which Tre will play the Ukulele and you will also get to play alongside him. It will unlock Ukulele for you as well and you will also be able to play it while resting at the campfire. Just select the Play Ukulele option to start playing Ukulele on your own.

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