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Tchia – How to Use the Glider




Tchia is an open-world action-adventure game in which players will get to explore various islands on the world map. As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to explore islands as well as get the chance to go to the highest peaks on the islands to shout from Points of View to discover hidden areas. However, getting off of the Points of View can be tricky if you are coming down casually but if you use the Glider then it will be more fun as well as more quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use the Glider in Tchia.

Using the Glider

Players will unlock the Glider by progressing ahead in the story. Once you have obtained the Slingshot from Father, you just have to meet him up on the Cliff. You will get to Shout at the Point of View on the Island and then in the next cutscene, you will get the Glider.

After you have obtained the Glider, you need to use it by jumping off of a height. Press the X Button to Jump (PlayStation) or the SPACE Button to jump (PC) and after jumping, immediately press the jumping button again to open the Glider. You will glide through the air and gradually make your way down to the island.

Glider Instructions

However, using the Glider will use Tchia’s Energy. Energy Bar is shown on the side of Tchia and if Energy runs down to 0, Tchia will let go off the Glider. So, you will have to use the Glider carefully according to your Energy level. As you progress ahead in the story, your Energy Level will increase and you will be able to glide for longer period of time.  Other than that, gliding is very simple in Tchia and you can easily learn how to do it.

You will also unlock new styles of Gliders as you progress ahead in the main story of the game. To equip the new style of the Glider, rest at the Campfire and select the Change Outfit option. After that, select the Glider Tab and select the one you want to equip.

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