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Hooked On You: The Spirit Broken Heart Ending



Hooked On You: The Spirit Broken Heart Ending

In Hooked On You, you’ll get to date the murderer characters of Dead by Daylight on a Murderer’s Island. You’ll get to play minigames on the island that’ll get you close to one of the characters that you can date and then if you get closer to the character then you can get the True ending of that character or Broken Heart ending of that character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Spirit Broken Heart Ending in Hooked on You.

How to get The Spirit Broken Heart Ending

In order to get close to the Spirit character, firstly, you’ll have to play the Spin the Bottle minigame and stop the bottle on the Spirit 3 times in total. That’ll get you a private meeting with her and you’ll get to know her. After that, you need to perform better in the rest of the minigames to get closer and know the interests of the Spirit.

Once she starts to feel comfortable around you, she’ll tell you all of her secrets and her thirst for revenge. At the start, you’d have to go out with her and all but in the end when she’ll give you a quest to kill “Dwight”, your character will say I could never kill him and then you’ll get three different options.

  • I’m not a killer.
  • This isn’t real.
  • I never loved you.

Select the “I never loved you” option to break Spirit’s heart and get the Spirit Broken Heart ending. In the dialogues, your character will say mean things to the spirit about her revenge and then The Entity will come up from the ocean and appreciate you for being the merciless villain on the island.

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