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Hooked On You: All Minigames



Hooked On You: All Minigames

Dead By Daylight has announced its Dating Sim game in which you’d be able to date all the killers in Dead By Daylight. You’d be able to play minigames with the characters that you want to date in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the minigames that you can play in Hooked On You.

Minigames in Hooked On You

The creators have just announced this Dating Sim and from the trailer, we learn that we will get to explore the Murderer’s island, romance with the characters of our choice, and play some minigames with the characters. There are a bunch of minigames that you can play with the characters of your choice and the ones we learned from the trailer are Spin the Bottle and Machete Gyro Chopping.

All of the minigames are looking quite simple. You just have to click on a specific time to stop the bottle or chop the Gyro meat with the Machete. You’d be able to know and get closer to all of the four killer characters of Dead by Daylight in Hooked on You. Each minigame will help you get closer to one of the characters and then you can talk to them in private and proceed to the Romance phase.

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