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HoY: Everything About “Hooked On You” Cosmetics



HoY: Everything About “Hooked On You” Cosmetics

The new Dating Sim by the Dead By Daylight developers is now available and players would be able to date all of the murderer characters of Dead by Daylight. You can also get exclusive “Hooked On You” cosmetics in the Dead By Daylight to show off to your friends.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the exclusive cosmetics of “Hooked on you” in Dead by Daylight.

Hooked on You Cosmetics

The exclusive cosmetics of Hooked on You contains Jake Park makeup and clothes with a Charm. You can get all of these items as a complete set. In order to get this set, you’d have to buy the “Hooked on you” game from steam or any store then after launching the game, you’d see a “Link Account” option on the main menu of Hooked on You. Click on the Link Account option and it will take you to a website.

On the website, there are three steps that you need to complete. First, you have to log in then you need to Activate, and then you’ll get the code for the cosmetics. After you’ve linked your steam account, you’ll get the option to claim rewards and you’ll get a code on the screen. Copy the code and launch your Dead By Daylight game.

After getting into the menu of Dead by Daylight, go to the store and click on Redeem Code option on the top right. Paste the code in the bar and click Redeem to get the Surf Survivor clothes for Jake and Captured Heart Charm. Both of these are Very Rare cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.

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