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How does the Power Pass work in Lost Ark? All the details



How does the Power Pass work in Lost Ark? All the details

We tell you how to get a totally free Powerpass for your Lost Ark games, and also how to apply it to your alternative character.

Lovers of free MMORPGs are in luck because they are only a few days away from being able to enjoy one of the most anticipated games of this genre, Lost Ark, which is already a phenomenon before its official availability.

In case you don’t know, it is a game that is already being a protagonist on Twitch, and something very important is coming with a title that you can already enjoy from this February 11 totally free, and in this guide, we want to tell you about the important concept of the Powerpass that you may end up getting your hands on.

And it is that the development team is right now giving away a Powerpass to many of the beta users to allow them to level the characters much faster, and it is unknown if this element will end up being available to the rest of the users as well. Let them join in a few hours.

What is and how to use the Powerpass in Lost Ark

You could say that the Powerpass is an item that allows you to give any character you have a boost to hit level 50. It’s more dedicated to us being able to level up another class relatively quickly instead of having to cycle through the whole story.

In the official notes provided by the development team they state that “due to the short testing period, a Powerpass will be provided to the adventurers of the closed beta version. This is to help the rapid progression of the alternate characters so that users can enjoy the content with the different classes.”

In this way, the process to obtain a Powerpass if you meet the above conditions is as follows:

  • You must complete the main quest called “Ealyn’s Gift”
  • check email
  • You will have the Powerpass token that you can use on a new character

Once you have the token, here’s how you can apply it to an alternate character:

  • You must choose the alternate character you want to power up
  • Now you need to click on the yellow button at the bottom of your screen
  • You can select the Powerpass
  • Complete the “adventurer’s path” quest to cover all levels

In this way you already know the use of power pass and that many users are now receiving in their emails.

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