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How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters in Resident Evil 8 Village



How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters in Resident Evil 8 Village

We tell you how to make Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, Bela Cassandra and Daniela, vulnerable so that we can end them in Resident Evil 8 Village. How to save ammo in these clashes.

The first bosses we encounter in Resident Evil 8 Village are the daughters of the vampire woman, Lady Dimitrescu . Throughout our investigations in the castle, we will meet them in different situations, but shooting will only delay the chase, so they are not worth wasting ammo with them. We must flee until we reach certain encounters.

The first encounter with one of the three vampires – Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela – occurs in the kitchen, and gives us a clue on how to make them vulnerable. Their weak point is the air that enters from the outside, and that prevents them from transforming into clouds of insects. When Dimitrescu’s daughters freeze, they are vulnerable to our shots.

In the kitchen, the wind comes in through a broken window, and combat is reduced to firing a few times with our pistol or shotgun until our enemy freezes. The meeting with the second daughter takes place in the castle library. To make the vampire freeze we have to open the dome on the ceiling (with a lever that is in one of the wooden columns in the central area). If we do not hurry, this dome closes and we will have to repeat the process.

But in the second confrontation, we have plenty of ammunition, scattered around the shelves in the room, so it is possible to kill her – which will try to hide behind one of the bookstores – in a single round.

The meeting with the third daughter of Dimitrescu takes place in the castle armory, and to freeze the vampire we must break down a cracked wall, which faces the outside. For this, in the same room, we can find a hand grenade. When the cold air from outside enters, combat will be much easier.

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