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Where is Lady Dimitrescu’s lipstick in Resident Evil 8 Village



Where is Lady Dimitrescu's lipstick in Resident Evil 8 Village

How to find Alcina Dimitrescu’s lipstick, in the castle of Resident Evil 8 Village, which is one of the valuable objects that we can sell to Duke in the game store.

Alcina Dimitrescu’s lipstick is one of the optional objects that we can collect in Resident Evil 8 Village. It does not have a utility in the game to open our way to new areas, but it is a very valuable object, which we can sell in exchange for Lei in Duque’s shop.

The lipstick is next to Lady Dimitrescu’s quarters, but we won’t be able to get hold of it on our first visit to the area, we just have to return later. We have to go through a small door that we will find ajar (the first time it was closed) and that allows us to access the vampire woman’s bathroom.

The door from the room is closed, so the only access is from the hallway. Once in the bathroom, we have to rummage through the dresser in the top drawer. There you will find Lady Dimitrescu’s lipstick, which will be added to our inventory in the treasures tab (so we can sell it later without fear).

What is Dimitrescu’s lipstick for? Like other secret items, its only use is to sell it and use the proceeds to buy weapons, ammunition, or upgrades, which Ethan Winters will be able to use from that moment on.

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