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How to get and spend pirate coins in Lost Ark



How to get and spend pirate coins in Lost Ark

These are the best methods that exist to get a lot of pirate coins in Lost Ark, and they will be worth it to acquire dozens and dozens of items and objects.

One of the elements that we are going to want to get and also spend in Lost Ark are pirate coins, an essential part of the naval zone of the adventure and one of those goods that players want to get now.

And it is that thanks to the Lost Ark pirate coins they will allow us to obtain dozens and dozens of objects that will be great for the rest of the adventure, especially to be able to buy from the enormous variety of merchants that we are going to find.

Luckily, we are going to clarify all the procedures that exist to get pirate coins in Lost Ark, and also what we can spend them on.

How to get and spend pirate coins in Lost Ark

they can be used to improve everything related to our ship, but also about the crew.

Luckily, there are all these procedures that will allow us to get many pirate coins:

  • Thanks to Sea Events – You can access them via the timer panel while at sea, and you can find them using the travel tab and they will reward you with pirate coins upon completion.
  • Defeating the ghost ships: by destroying them you can receive a lot of rewards, among which are pirate coins.
  • Completing Una’s Tasks: If you complete all eight daily and weekly Una tasks, you’ll be able to get a great set of these pirate coins.
  • Completing the Procyon Compass Islands – Spawn during Procyon Compass Limited-Time Events and will reward you with Pirate Coins.
  • Fishing: although they come out very little, you will be able to get a few pirate coins.
  • Trading Other Coins – You can trade coins you have for the relevant pirate coins.

Once you have a large set of pirate coins, it’s time to spend them, and for this, you can trade them with any merchant ship you find.

There are dozens and dozens of materials and items that you can buy with the appropriate pirate coins, so just go on an adventure and find out what you can take with you.

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