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“It wasn’t a frivolous decision”: marvel’s Spider-Man game Director explains Peter Parker’s face change In remaster



VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb makes fun of Peter Parker’s new face for Spider-Man remaster for PlayStation 5

Shortly after Insomniac Games shared the first details about the Spider-Man remaster and introduced Peter Parker with a new face, game Director Brian Intihar addressed fans who were unhappy with the change.

He admitted that he himself had been getting used to the updated appearance of the main character for a long time, and the Studio understands the surprise of fans and the sharp reaction of many of them. But the developers had to invite another person as a “prototype” of the character model for technical reasons. You can achieve maximum animation quality only if the face structure of the “prototype” is as close as possible to the features of the actor who was used for capturing movements and facial expressions.

At a certain point, we started discussing the future of the franchise and the transition to PS5. And we quickly realized that if we want the characters to look even more convincing, we need to find someone with a face more like the actor Yuri Lowenthal, who we all loved so much in the role of Peter.

For us, this character is just as important as your affection for him. So know this: it wasn’t a frivolous decision.

Brian Intihar
marvel’s Spider-Man Game Director

Intihar stressed that Insomniac always tries to listen to the players ‘ opinions and make their games better. But I asked that this time the fans make the decision of the developers — it will be better for the future of the entire series.

Yuri Lowenthal, who played Peter Parker, also addressed fans, asking them to blame only his face.

Ben Jordan, the new actor whose appearance was taken as the basis for the main character, really looks more like Lowenthal than John Babniak — the “face” of Parker from the original.

However, despite the words of the developers, many fans were dissatisfied with the new look of the superhero. As an argument, many cited the fact that in the remaster, Peter looks too young for his 23 years.
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