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Jagged Alliance 3 beginner’s guide



Jagged Alliance 3 - Beginner's Guide

Jagged Alliance 3 is a Tactical Role-Playing Game in which players will have to hire mercenaries to take down an enemy paramilitary known as “Legion”. Legion has taken over the control of Grand Chien, a nation filled with precious resources. Players will have to hire and train the mercenaries to increase their overall abilities, quirks, and perks which will help liberate the areas, outposts, and strongholds of the Legion. However, players will have to get used to the Turn-Based system and make strategies in Real Time to become victorious in fights. There are several mechanics that players will have to learn throughout the game to potentially increase the strength of the squad.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the important factors that new players have to keep in mind and follow along with their gameplay to make things easier in Jagged Alliance 3.

Useful Tips & Tricks of Jagged Alliance 3

There are several factors in Jagged Alliance 3 that players will have to keep in mind from the beginning of the game. We will go through all of the main factors and mechanics that players need to look after to make the adventure easier for themselves.

  • Hire 4 Mercenaries of Different Roles at the Beginning: Before starting the very first mission, players will have to hire mercenaries with a budget of $40,000. It is recommended to hire only 4 mercenaries at the beginning and all of them should be of different roles. We also have a detailed guide on which mercenaries to hire at the start which you can check out to learn more about it and why is it important for your budget. Make sure to hire the Mercs with the following roles.
    • DoctorMechanicExplosive Expert
    • Marksman
  • Reissue the Contract of Mercs: The mercenaries are hired on a contract and there is a weekly fee of them that players will have to pay. Instead of ending the contract, reissue the contract and keep the Mercs for at least 2 weeks. During this period, players will be able to Level Up the Mercs which will increase their stats. Overall, their worth will be increased and their potential will get better than the high-rank mercenaries. This practice will also allow players to save money which will come in handy later in the game.
  • Learn the Hotkeys: Learning the Hotkeys will allow players to move Mercs around an area more freely and without being caught by the enemies. Generally, players will have to use the Clicking method to select through different stances or use the items. Players can use the Hotkeys to quickly change through the stances or use the items more quickly than the clicking method. As an example, to go prone, players will have to click twice on the stance bar of the Merc whereas, players can achieve the same thing by pressing the X button. Similarly, players will have to use the Hidden Stance in almost every mission. Instead of clicking on hidden stance, simply press the H button to go into hiding.   
  • Liberate the Enemy’s Areas: Players need to liberate the areas ASAP where Legion has control. Liberating the areas will unlock Locals and NPCs that will give side quests that players can complete to get precious rewards. Players can also explore the liberated areas to find hidden stashes to get resources and materials.
  • Complete Side Quests of NPCs: As players liberate different areas, they will get to talk with the locals. Most of the time locals will give a small side quest that players should complete. Completing the quest will not only give certain rewards but also increases Loyalty in a certain area.  
  • Explore the Areas: The new players might know that they can explore every sector of the world map. When Mercs are traveled to another Sector, they can be entered that area to explore by using the “Tactical View”. To enter the Tactical View, players need to give the command and select the Tactical View to enter the area. Explore the areas to find unique characters, hidden stashes, and items that can be salvaged to get more Parts.
  • Scout the Area: As players liberate areas of the enemies, they will be able to send up to 2 Mercs to Scout the Areas ahead. Scouting the area will highlight any traps, vantage points, hidden stashes, and weak points of the areas which can be viewed in Overview by pressing the O Button.
  • Use the Operations: Operations are one of the important aspects of the game that allow players to perform crucial operations that will help them make better strategies. Players can view all the possible operations during the Strategic Map View. Operations will allow players to Treat the Wounded, Repair Items, Scout Area, Train Militia, Craft Ammo, Craft Explosives, and much more. However, some of the operations required more space so, players will have to do those operations either in a Village or a Big City.
  • Use Stealth: It is always better to keep the Mercs in Hidden Stance to find the best position to take out the enemies without getting detected.
  • Hire the Militia: Don’t face off with a high number of enemies with a low number of Mercenaries. Use the Train Militia operation to hire militia members in your squad to increase the chance of survivability.
  • Modify the Weapons: Upon gathering the resources and materials, make sure to modify the weapons of Mercs to increase the firepower. Don’t sell the Parts as they are crucial in the modification of the weapons as well as in the repairing of the weapons and gear items.

As players progress in the game, they would also meet some unique characters that they should interact with rather than kill them. Interacting with those characters would give some choices that can get players some great things. Jagged Alliance 3 is not only about liberating the areas but it is also about exploring and finding the best interest of choices.

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