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Jagged Alliance 3 – Complete Merc List



Jagged Alliance 3 - Complete Merc List

Jagged Alliance 3 offers 36 Mercs in total for hiring all divided into 4 different ranks and each Merc has a designated role. The role is based on the attribute points in the respective stat which allow the Merc to perform the role better than the rest of the Mercs in the squad. It is recommended to get Merc of every different role in the squad to increase the chances of being successful in all types of interactions. Whether it is fixing a thing, threatening the enemy, leading a team, or training your Mercs to be better on the field.

In this guide, we’ll be listing down all 36 Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3 with their respective role and hiring prices.

Complete Merc List in Jagged Alliance 3

All of the mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3 are listed in the table below with their Starting Rank, Level, Role, and Hiring Price.

Merc NameRankLevelRoleHiring Price
SteroidRecruitLevel 1Mechanic$5,100
FoxRecruitLevel 2Doctor$5,040
MouseRecruitLevel 1All-Rounder$5,010
OmrynRecruitLevel 2Marksman$4,790
LivewireRecruitLevel 1Mechanic$4,600
KalynaRecruitLevel 1Mechanic$4,200
MDRecruitLevel 1Doctor$3,770
IgorRecruitLevel 2All-Rounder$3,770
GrizzlyRecruitLevel 2All-Rounder$3,060
BarryRecruitLevel 2Explosive Expert$2,990
FidelVeteranLevel 3Explosive Expert$12,740
RavenVeteranLevel 2Marksman$12,160
ThorVeteranLevel 3Doctor$11,200
WolfVeteranLevel 3All-Rounder$10,350
IceVeteranLevel 3Marksman$7,200
BloodVeteranLevel 3Marksman$6,400
MeltdownVeteranLevel 3All-Rounder$6,030
BunsVeteranLevel 2Marksman$5,480
GruntyVeteranLevel 3All-Rounder$4,690
IvanEliteLevel 4Marksman$19,530
VickiEliteLevel 4Mechanic$16,740
RaiderEliteLevel 4Leader$13,270
TexEliteLevel 4Marksman$13,270
NailsEliteLevel 4Explosive Expert$10,190
Dr. QEliteLevel 3Doctor$8,600
RedEliteLevel 4Explosive Expert$7,500
HitmanEliteLevel 4Marksman$6,630
GusLegendaryLevel 8LeaderGold
MagicLegendaryLevel 5MechanicGold
ScullyLegendaryLevel 5LeaderGold
ReaperLegendaryLevel 6MarksmanGold
SidneyLegendaryLevel 5MarksmanGold
ShadowLegendaryLevel 5MarksmanGold
ScopeLegendaryLevel 5MarksmanGold
FaudaLegendaryLevel 7Explosive ExpertGold
LenLegendaryLevel 7LeaderGold
Complete Merc List

Other than hiring Mercs, players can also choose to create Custom Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3.

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