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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Convince Deedee



Jagged Alliance 3 - Deedee

Deedee is one of the characters that players will get to interact with in Jagged Alliance 3 while exploring the areas. Unlike the rest of the NPCs and normal characters, Deedee can be pretty useful in the game as she can help players to make the explosives but to do that, players must first convince her to stop helping the Legion and make explosives for the players.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to convince Deedee to stop helping the Legion in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Convince Deedee in Jagged Alliance 3

Deedee has been helping Legion with explosives which increased the defenses of Fort L’eau Bleu. As players will have to liberate the fort, they will have to decrease its defenses and one of the requirements that players will have to fulfill is to convince Deedee to stop helping the Legion. To successfully convince Deedee, players will require a Merc with high Explosives Stat. Barry is one of the best early Mercs that players can use for this purpose.

Deedee can be found at Emerald Coast in Sector I3. Players need to travel the Mercs to I3 and give the command to go into the Tactical View to explore the area. Deedee will be inside a shed and to reach her, players will have to take down the enemies at the coast. Be careful as there are Landmines scattered throughout the coast, keep the mercs off the coast, and take out the enemies. After eliminating the enemies, travel the mercs toward the Shed to talk to Deedee.

Interact with Deedee to talk to her and after a couple of dialogues, the “Stop Helping the Legion” option will pop up. Select the dialogue and the Merc with the highest Explosives Stat will convince Deedee to stop helping the Legion. If Barry is in your Squad, it would be successful but if there is not any Merc with a high Explosives Stat, it will get failed and players will have to return with a Merc with high Explosives Stat to convince her. Convincing Deedee will give 5 Loyalty with Ernie and 150 XP for the squad.

After convincing her, players can ask her to make explosives for themselves which will require 25 Parts. If you have 25 Parts spare for the explosives then give her the parts to get explosives in return.

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