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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Get MG42 Machine Gun



Jagged Alliance 3 - MG42 Machine Gun

MG42 Machine Gun is one of the earliest Heavy Guns that players can get in Jagged Alliance 3 which can unlock a couple of opportunities for the players to take down Legion with more ease. However, getting the machine gun is not simple as it sounds because players will take a detour to another area to find and get the MG42 Machine Gun.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get MG42 Machine Gun in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Get MG42 Machine Gun in Jagged Alliance 3

MG42 Machine Gun can be obtained from an Old Bunker in The Rust located at Sector H3. Players will get to this sector after clearing I1 and I2 Sectors early on in the game. Once there, players can either choose to explore the area straight away or they can choose to Liberate the Ernie Village at Sector H2. Liberating the village first will unlock an NPC named “Basil” who will tell you about the Machine Gun and ask you to bring the gun to him to fortify the village. Not only that, but the MG42 is also tied to one of the weaknesses of Fort L’eau Bleu which is essentially the main goal to liberate on the starting island.

To explore The Rust (H3), players need to give the command to go into the “Tackle” view which will allow mercenaries to enter the area. Be careful as mercenaries go ahead, they will meet a character named “Bastien” whom players can kill or spare. You can read our guide on Bastien All Choices as well to get an idea of how to deal with him. After interacting with Bastien and his family, players need to go toward the North side to find the Bunker. However, the bunker will be heavily guarded so be prepared for a fight. Take out the enemies and then enter the bunker.

After entering the bunker, loot the possible weapon stashes and go ahead. There will be around 8 – 9 enemies in the lower portion of the bunker that players also have to take down. After eliminating the enemies, go to the right side of the lower portion of the bunker to find a weapon stash that will contain the MG42 Machine Gun. Loot the Machine Gun and the rest of the Stashes in the bunker and then leave the bunker.

After returning to the Strategic Map, you will notice that the defenses of Fort L’eau Bleu have been weakened and you will also have a choice of either keeping the MG42 Machine Gun or giving it to Basil to complete his side quest.

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