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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Get Metaviron



Jagged Alliance 3: Metaviron

Metaviron is a strong drug that can be used as a medicine to fully heal and cure all wounds of the Mercs. However, there are other uses of Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3 and it is one of the rare items in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3

Metaviron is a rare valuable resource that players can find in different locations on the World Map. It is not an easy resource to come by therefore, players will have to go to several places, especially for this resource. Players need to search the underground areas in B10, F11, Sanatorium Basement, and the Hospital Basement in H12. The Hospital Basement has a guaranteed spawn of Metaviron. It is also where players will get to complete the Outbreak quest.

The tree in the E12 sector also has a chance of dropping the Metaviron. However, players would have to be careful of the angry animals nearby the tree. If players come across an NPC named Flay, they might find Metaviron in the nearby chest in the dungeon or at the body of Flay for which players would have to kill Flay.

Another way to get Metaviron is to buy the Loot Boxes with Small Diamonds in Fleatown (Sector H9) and Loot Boxes have a chance of dropping Metaviron. Lalee Leewaylander sells the Loot Boxes and there is a chance of finding the Metaviron in 1 of 10 loot boxes.

Players should hold and stack the Metaviron in the inventory as it can also be used to Hire Larry later in the game. If players run out of Meds, they can use Metaviron instead to fully heal the squad.

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