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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Hire Larry



Jagged Alliance 3 - Larry

Larry is one of the free Mercs in the game that can be recruited at a certain area of the map. He is an Explosive Expert with a decent Medical stat and can be helpful in disarming Land mines, crafting Ammo & Explosives, and even healing the wounds of other Mercs. Like other free Mercs like Flay and Smiley, players will also have to fulfill a requirement for him to hire him in the squad.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Hire Larry in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Hire Larry in Jagged Alliance 3

Players can find Larry at the Outpost in Sector F7 filled with Legion enemies. Before hiring Larry, players would have to take out all of the enemies at the Outpost and then they will be able to talk to Larry. However, to hire Larry, players would require a drug named “Metaviron”. It is because Larry would not remember anything not even his name and to bring him to his senses, Metaviron is required.

Metaviron can be obtained from two different ways. Players can buy the Loot Boxes with Small Diamonds in Fleatown (Sector H9) and Loot Boxes have a chance of dropping Metaviron. Another way to get guaranteed Metaviron is to go to the Hospital (Sector H12) where players would also get the Outbreak Quest. Metaviron can be found in the basement of the Hospital.

Once players have acquired the Metaviron, they will unlock the option of giving Metaviron to Larry by talking to him. Select the Metaviron option to give it to Larry and it will work instantly on him and players will get the “Let’s go” option which will hire Larry into the squad for free.

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