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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Defeat Gorimondo Boss



Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Defeat Gorimondo Boss

In the Mall chapter when you make your way up the stairs to the food court area, you will see a big Gorilla from the big window there. This is Gorimondo the boss you will face in the mall. Before the fight you will have different power options to choose from, there is an Ice power and there is a Blowing ball power. Ice power will slow Gorimondo by freezing him for a few seconds. The Blowing ball power is really good you can throw balls at the Gorimondo which will blow when they hit him.

The power we’re going to select before the fight and to use in the fight against Gorimondo is going to be the Blowing Ball Power. You will be able to throw balls at the boss with this power which will blow when they hit him and it also has great damage compared to all other powers.

How to Defeat Gorimondo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

When the fight starts Gorimondo will grab you by hand breaking the big window and get you in the big ground arena. Now, you’ve to break from his hand grab you can do that by moving your joystick up and down. Gorimondo will also give you a few stars every time he does a hand swing attack. You can collect them and use them to your advantage. After you’ve broken free from his hand grab, you’re now ready for the fight against the boss.


Gorimondo has two main attacks in Phase-1, he will break the ground and pick a big rock from there and throw it towards you. You have to dodge this rock by jumping or running away. The next is a close attack and Gorimondo will swing his hand when you’re attacking him and are close to him.

You have to start using your Blowing Ball power, get close to Gorimondo dodging the balls when he’s throwing them towards you, and attack him with the ball power. The ball power will give him enough damage each item it hits him and will stun him for a while giving you more time to attack him again and again. The one thing you have to be careful of is his hand swing attack. When he swings his hand for attack you’ve to double jump to dodge his attack.


When you’ve attacked Gorimondo enough to take his HP less than half, Gorimondo will get angry and will move to the second phase. The Boss also has two major attacks in the second phase. The first attack is the spinning attack, The Gorimondo will spin towards you with a greater attack radius. You have to run away from him and jump in order to dodge the spinning attack.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Defeat Gorimondo Boss

The second attack is similar to the first-hand swing attack, he will just be switching the hand this time. You have to be careful and jump caring that he will change the hand this time. You have to use a similar tactic in the second phase dodging his spinning attack and getting close to Gorimondo and using your Blowing ball attack. This way you can easily defeat Gorimondo by a couple of ball power attacks.

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