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Rune Factory 5: Where to get Squid



Rune Factory 5: Where to get Squid

Rune Factory is a big open Sandbox RPG that gives players most of the choices. You have the choices of which NPCs you would want to do affection with, who you want to help. The Monsters you want to kill, the Monsters you want to tame. There will be a lot of NPCs in-game that would give you quests to kill a Monster but it’s up to you that’s the beauty of the open Sandbox. You’re free to enjoy the world of Rune Factory in the town of Rigbarth and also different areas with the town of Rigbarth.

Cecil’s Quest

Cecil will have a quest for you where you would have to find him a squid. He will tell you that it is a difficult creature to find for him. So, he would ask for your help to deliver him the squid. You will find the squid at Rigbarth Beach. You have to catch the squid there fishing. Squid is a rare item in-game and it might take a few tries to catch the squid. Fishing at the Rigbarth Beach for the squid by using your luck and patience, you will finally catch the squid. You can then go to Cecil and deliver him the squid you caught for him to complete the quest.


You can also find squids in ponds in the town of Rigbarth. You can go to the Pond of hope which is the biggest pond in the center of Rigbarth town, you can go and fish there and you will catch a squid there. Pond of hope is located in the west of the Blue Moon, there is a waterfall in front of the pond. You can go to Phoros Woodlands there is another pond there where you can catch fish and squid. If you’re not getting the squid you can also upgrade your fishing pole to get better chances at catching the squid.

Rune Factory 5: Where to get Squid

Purchasing from Serendipity

You will be able to buy squid from Serendipity. Serendipity is the town’s general store where you can buy different items like seeds, vegetables, fish and other useful items.

After you’ve done your first upgrade from Palmo on the general store you will be able to buy fish from there. Upgrading the shop will require Money, SEED points, lumber, and rocks. You can go to NPC named Hina there and you can buy the squid from her. The squid’s price is 400G.

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