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Layers of Fear: How to Unlock the Combination-Locked Chest



Layers of Fear: How to Unlock the Combination-Locked Chest

Layers of Fear is an immersive Adventure-Horror game that revolves around solving puzzles to progress through its captivating story. One of the early puzzles players encounter involves unlocking a chest secured with a combination lock. The chest requires a three-digit code to open, and finding the correct combination is essential for advancing in the game. In this user-friendly guide, we will walk you through the process of unlocking the Combination-Locked Chest in Layers of Fear.

How to Unlock the Combination-Locked Chest in Layers of Fear

Locating the Chest

As you explore the first area of the mansion, you will eventually enter a room with a prominent Wolf Painting at the front. Positioned to the left of the entrance, you will find the combination-locked chest against the wall. Take note of the message on the wall, “Look Closer,” although it may not provide an explicit hint.

Finding the Code

Begin by examining the three different paintings adorning the wall in the room. Focus on the central painting featuring the Wolf.

  • To the right of the Wolf painting, there is a candle stand. Interact with it to illuminate the candle, causing the painting to change and reveal the number “6.”
  • Proceed along the right side of the wall until you reach the Rat Painting. Interact with the adjacent Candle Stand to unveil the number “9.”
  • Continue along the wall to the Horse Painting. Interact with the Candle Stand beside it to reveal the number “4.”

Unlocking the Chest

Layers of Fear: How to Unlock the Combination-Locked Chest

Armed with the three numbers, return to the combination-locked chest. Input the code “6, 9, 4” into the lock to open the chest. Inside, you will discover a key that unlocks the door opposite the room. Exit the current room and use the key to open the door ahead, allowing you to progress further into the intriguing storyline.

By following these steps, you will successfully unlock the Combination-Locked Chest, uncovering vital clues and propelling yourself deeper into the enigmatic world of Layers of Fear. Embrace the chilling atmosphere and prepare to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

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