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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Studs Glitch in Echo Base Escape Mission



LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Studs Glitch in Echo Base Escape Mission

In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga you need studs for different upgrades and characters to purchase. You have to collect a lot of studs in order to enhance your gameplay and make it fun. There are a lot of methods in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga to farm studs but those methods will unlock later in the game and once you have unlocked those levels you can play them again by free playing. There is another method which is some sort of glitch in a mission of Echo Base Escape in Episode 5: The Empire Strike Back.


In the third mission of Episode 5, there is a glitch that you can use to farm studs with it as long as you want. As the mission starts and you take the first left and go ahead the two doors will be slammed by some metal pieces. Now if you hit the metal, you get studs but the metal will not break and you keep getting studs by hitting it.

You will get studs by hitting both of the metal pieces and they both will not break so you can farm studs just by hitting them. A rough number of studs you get without any studs upgrades is 40,000 per minute which is actually great and you can just hit it for as long as you want. Now if you shoot the metal, you will get 32,000 studs per minute so you can choose what you want to use to farm the studs.

How to Make it Better

You can get more studs from this method just by upgrading a few upgrades of characters and studs. The main upgrade that you want to do is the Attract Studs upgrade which is a core upgrade that will attract the studs from a distance so you don’t have to go near the to collect them. This will help you collect more studs from this method.

The other upgrade that you can do to make It better is that you upgrade the studs from the Extras menu. If you upgrade to studs x2 you will get the double amount of studs you get from this method. So, this will make your 40,000 studs per minute to 80,000 studs per minute. If you upgrade to higher multiplier levels of studs then you get more studs.

If you have a second player with you, you can do this glitch with them in split-screen as well and both of the players will hit the different metal and farm the studs. Each player will get 65,000 studs per minute due to the split-screen bonus.


This level is not a challenge level so you cannot replay this mission after you have passed it. You cannot free play this level again so you will get only one chance to take advantage of this bug.

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