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Lost Ark companion effects permanently available after all?



Lost Ark companion effects permanently available after all?

As early as October 2021, Amazon Games went into more detail about the Lost Ark business model in the EU/NA version. A change was also announced for the companions. While in Russia and South Korea both companion effect and companion function have to be “rented” monthly, for us it should work like this:

In our version, purchases for companions are permanent, and features that were previously available for hire are now available through Crystalline Aura benefits.

Tip: You can find out exactly what the companion effect and companion function are all about in our Lost Ark Companion Guide.

In a recent video published by the official Lost Ark Twitter channel, the companion menu can also be seen briefly at the end. There, however, it looks as if the companion effects are permanently available, while the companion function still seems to be paid for or part of the Crystalline Aura.

What to see: Companion Effects says “Bonus Applied” while the companion feature in the video expires in 29 days and can be renewed.

It is not yet known whether changes were also made when rerolling the companion effects. The current status is that a reroll costs 7 blue crystals.

We may find out more about this before the Lost Ark Headstart because it was announced a long time ago that there should be more details about the business model and monetization of Lost Ark.

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