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Lost Ark Crystalline Aura



Lost Ark Crystalline Aura

Crystalline Aura is Lost Ark’s premium membership that you can subscribe to for 30 days at a time. During this period you will then enjoy various advantages in the game.

Benefits of the Crystalline Aura

These are the benefits of the Crystalline Aura:

  • Triporter usage is free
  • Overseas liner fee is 50% less
  • Daily relationship actions +1 attempt
  • Natural regeneration of life energy +10%
  • Usable bifrost slots +2
  • Cooldown Song of Return -50%
  • Stronghold: research time -10%
  • Fortress: Production Time -10%
  • Fortress: Expedition Time -10%
  • Stronghold: Action Energy – Default Regeneration Amount +10%
  • Unlock Ultimate Antistress for Fortress Training Grounds (XP Gained per Minute: 7,000)
  • Crystal Patron title applied (while benefit lasts)
  • Use companion effect and companion function (while benefit lasts)

How much does 30 days of Crystalline Aura cost?

30 days of Crystalline Aura can be purchased from the Lost Ark store for 420 crystals. Crystals are obtained for completing certain quests and achieving achievements. Alternatively, you can also get them for gold in the in-game currency exchange or for Royal Crystals (= real money currency) in the Lost Ark store.

It is not yet officially known how much Royal Crystals will cost. Based on the prices in the Russian version, it is suggested that the price for 1,000 Royal Crystals could be around €10. A Crystal Pack containing 200 Crystals will require 500 Royal Crystals. Converted to 30 days of Crystalline Aura, 1,050 Royal Crystals are due, which would correspond to just over €10.

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