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Lost Ark Cube Guide



Lost Ark Cube Guide

Cube in Lost Ark is a game event where we move from room to room. The more rooms we go through, the higher the reward will be. The award can be of several types – from bronze and silver to platinum and diamonds. The main reason why they go to the Cube is to farm gold. From a platinum chest, they give about 90 gold, and from a diamond chest, they give 140-150. Of course, much go-to gold, but this is not profitable at all, it’s easier to go to Platinum Fields.

The main goal of Cuba is survival. Accordingly, all your actions should be aimed at survival. We will need pots that restore health as a percentage. You will need a Campfire, just in case, all team members should have it. Powerful “Euphoria” is needed to instantly activate the ultimate. I also advise you to take a scarecrow, which will distract the mobs in critical situations.

I advise you to take Minstrel or Guardian as part of the composition because they throw all sorts of protective shields and restore health, which is very useful in this situation. If you go purely to 4 damage dealers who don’t know how to support, it will be extremely difficult to get to the diamond chest.

As for abilities. If you do not have a separate build for the Cube, then change tripods to control. In the most difficult wave with archers, if you cannot control them, it will be very difficult to pass it. If the group constantly controls the monsters, and they do not attack, floors can be passed even with 10% health.


Each floor is different in name and time. Let’s start with time. If there are 1.5 minutes left until the end of the floor, then there will be a lot of waves, and the last one will appear at 30 seconds. Therefore, you should not use all your abilities instantly. Wait for a serious threat to appear, and only then fill it to the fullest to clear more monsters.

Now as for the types of floors. The first is a complete cleanup. The banalest type, where various monsters appear. This floor is easy if the time for the room is somewhere less than 1 minute. But if it’s 1.5 or 2 minutes, then get ready – there will be a lot of monsters. Immediately it is necessary to say about positioning and movement. As soon as the fight starts gather in one corner. As soon as the monsters appear, they begin to pull at you. Your task is to cast some puddles and slowdowns in front of you. Then fill the crowd and again return back to the corner. This way you will hook the maximum number of mobs, spending the minimum amount of health and abilities.

The next type is the floors with ranged monsters. There are a lot of archers and magicians here who stand on the point and shoot, and you have to approach and kill. There are several ways to get through here. If you have mass control heroes in the party, all new archers can be controlled so that they do not hit you. The second way is a kite. That is, approach, stun, retreat to a corner, and the archers do not start shooting from afar, but often run up close.

  • Elite rooms. I advise you to hit the mobs in the elite rooms in the center, because sometimes archers appear, which must be immediately controlled. If you don’t, you will take a lot of damage. In all other respects, these floors are very simple.
  • Boss rooms. Here, try not to run together, because the bosses have very strong extras that just take you out. Monsters will occasionally spawn in this room. Try to pull them to the boss to pour them together. And also, if the time is more than 1 minute, then 2 bosses will most likely appear.
  • Survival room. You need to survive because here you will be undermined by various bombers. As soon as you see the name of this room, immediately scatter to different 4 corners. It is important not to fuss with bombers. Runaway when the monster casts and deal damage little by little.
  • Chest rooms – there are running chests, and there is just a large chest that stands still, and you need to open it.

Buffs and debuffs

There are buffs that instantly or gradually restore health. There is invulnerability, to reduce the field of view, to lower or lower armor or attack. Try to change the battle tactics, depending on the imposed buff or debuff. The most important point is to see if he has crited or not. If he crits, he will hang until the next room. You can also use one chip in the Cube – when you finish a floor, you start counting down the time, where you can choose whether to continue or complete the test. You can set up a campfire and heal, and when the bar reaches the very end, someone clicks finish, and this bar is updated. This is how you buy yourself time.

The last thing to say is that if you don’t clean the room before the time runs out, then you don’t fail. Just a spirit appears, which deals a lot of damage. If you kill all the monsters, then the spirit disappears.

A cube is a fairly simple and at the same time complex event. Here you need to be able to position and run. You need to understand when you need to break into the crowd of mobs and stop them, and when it is better to move away and kite. Plus, you need to change tripods with control or high damage. That is, with the usual build with which you go to the Guardians, it will be quite difficult to go to the Cube.

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