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Lost Ark: Locations of all Knights in Shining Armor collectibles



Lost Ark: Locations of all Knights in Shining Armor collectibles

In Lost Ark, there are many hidden objects in the areas that you can collect for your adventure book. One of them is a short story about the “Knight in Shining Armor”. We show you the locations of all three parts of the story.

Here you will find the three sections: The three parts of the story are spread over three maps and you can only pick them up when you have progressed far enough in the story and have been able to enter the new areas.

You start in Tribe Hill, the first zone after the town of Prideholme. The first part of the story is very close to the third teleport point in the zone: Traveler’s Lair.

Walk around the edge of the map and you’ll find a command to examine a rope. The first part of the story is hidden there.

Once you have read the text, you will be given a timer that lasts 20 minutes. This is the time you have left to find the next part of the story. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to the first one and examine it again, otherwise, the second one won’t appear.

For this, you have to ride to the next zone, Anguemosberg. Right at the entrance in the bushes, you will find the second part of the story.

The final part of the Knight in Shining Armor story is also in the next zone. You will need to replay through all story content in the current zone to get there.

Your timer will reset to 20 minutes when examining the second part, but it could still be close. If you don’t get to the third part of the story in time, you’ll have to teleport back to Tribe Hill and start over from there.

The last part can be found near a cart and some sick NPCs at the Regria Monastery, in the Temporary Infirmary section. This completes your search and you will receive an entry in your adventure tomes.

What do these stories bring me anyway? As a small reward for finding all sections, you get a permanent +2 point for your charisma. In the long run, such collectible stories are needed to complete the adventure tome.

It’s a kind of checklist for which you have to do quests, kill certain monsters, collect items, etc. in order to get big rewards. If you want to complete your tome, such searches are a must.

You will be able to enjoy the advantages of this both as a newcomer and in the late endgame:

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