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Ignea Tokens Guide



Ignea Tokens Guide

The Ignea Tokens is a collectible in Lost Ark, which we receive as a reward from the adventure tome. Collectibles are given to certain NPCs who reward us accordingly. As a reward for Ignea tokens, we get a mount, a skill point potion, and a rune, among other things.

Ignea tokens dealer

Merchants that offer us rewards for Ignea Tokens can be identified in the capital cities with the addition ” Exchange Ignea Tokens “. However, sometimes they are located inside a building such as a tavern.

Ignea tokens origin

We receive Ignea tokens as a reward from the adventure tome. The first 10 continents are awarded for completing 100%. Accordingly, we must complete all tasks in the adventure tome, such as dungeons, and find certain things. In our guide to the adventure tome, we will tell you how to master all of the objectives.

  • Rethramis
  • Yudia
  • West Luterra
  • East Luterra
  • Tortoyk
  • anikka
  • Arthetine
  • North Vern
  • Shuhire
  • raw noble

Ignea tokens Rewards

Each Ignea Token unlocks a new reward in a specific order. This includes a mount, a rune, and a skill potion. More rewards will follow with upcoming patches or addons for Lost Ark.

  • Mount: White Scarab
    • Use to add this mount to your mount inventory.
  • Mokoko Frying Pan
    • This pan looks harmless, but in the right hands, it’s a devastating weapon.
  • Luminous Energy
    • A colorful aura. When used, summons a radiant light around you.
  • Finest Vitality Increase Potion
    • When obtained, you automatically gain 50 Vitality.
  • Purification (Rune)
    • 70% chance to remove a debuff when using the skill.
  • Map: Zinnervale Star Messenger
    • Shandi’s Apprentice. Cheerful and carefree, he travels the continent with his master, hoping one day to learn everything he knows.
  • Finest Boost Potion
    • When obtained, you automatically gain 50 Strengths, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
  • Major Skill Point Potion
    • When obtained, you automatically gain 6 life skill points.
  • Bifrost Key
    • A key imbued with the mysterious power of the Lazenith. It allows you to unlock the Bifrost Square.
  • Map: Delain Armel
    • Armel has revealed his secret power as Delain. Instead of his holy powers, he uses his inherent demonic power.

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