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Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide for Forest Minuet



Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide for Forest Minuet

In Lost Ark, we will find a world full of missions. One of the places we will arrive on Lullaby Island where we will find the mission “The forest where fairies sing”. To help you complete it, in the following guide we leave you all the necessary information about it. Do not miss it!

Lost Ark Guide: How to Complete the Lullaby Island “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” Quest

When we arrive at Lullaby by ship, we will receive the quest in question. In turn, this task is divided into four parts that will give us the Forest Minuet as a reward to add to our sheet music collection.

During the first part, we will have to go to the indicated point on the map following the voice of the fairy with whom we will have to talk when we find her. This is not random as you have to select the correct dialog options which are:

  • Whistle-wait-whistle

Then, we will start the second part in which we will also have to find the fairy and do the following:

  • Leaves the pebble shiny. Do you remember me? It’s a gift. (Wait in silence.)

In the third part we will have to select:

  • (Just watch)(He listens with his back to her.) I’m listening. I will look for one. Of course, do not worry. I am an adventurer.

Once this part is done, we will have to go to the area indicated on the map and wait for the event to be available. Once the passage is open, we will have to go to the indicated area and play the Song of Resonance that can be obtained from a Peyto merchant. Then, we will have to catch the Voice of the Forest of the Magic Tree that appears in front of us. You have to repeat this two more times. Finally, we just have to return to the fairy who will give us the Minuet of the forest.

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