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Lost Ark Quests



Lost Ark Quests

There are numerous quests in Lost Ark, which are divided into different quest types. They differ mainly in the rewards but have other differences. Some quests are time-limited or only available from a certain level. The quest type is indicated by an icon for each task.

Main Quests

The main story is activated automatically after the prologue and is the essential questline for the story and our character, which leads us to the castle in North Vern. Through the main questline, we collect the most experience points when leveling. You can see how far your progress is in our overview of all quests in the main questline .

World Quests

After completing the main quest line on Luterra, it continues on other continents. However, the main story is then continued through quest lines with world quests. Basically, only the color of the quests changes.

Side quests

Through side quests, we learn more about the individual areas.

Chain Quests

A series of quests lead us through specific areas as a coherent story. These should always be completed because in the end we will be rewarded with important rewards such as attribute points and skill points.

Dungeon Quests

A dungeon quest can and will be accepted automatically if the requirements of the main quest for it are met. In dungeons, we fight alone or together with other players. Dungeons have normal and epic difficulties. Normal dungeons are recommended for faster leveling since the opponents have less life and we can progress faster. If you are not in a hurry and are looking forward to better equipment as a reward, play the higher level of difficulty instead.


Quests We discover and talk to NPCs, eg while sailing, who are on different continents and islands. Acquire island tokens or build relationships with NPCs. Some adventure quests can only be accepted and continued once per account unit.

Relationship Quests

There are numerous characters in Lost Art that we become friends with. Through relationship quests, we improve our reputation with these characters and are rewarded with silver and relationship items with which we further increase our reputation.

Blitz Quests

At certain locations, a Blitz Quest starts automatically. We get a task that we have to complete within a certain time. If we fail or move away from the quest area, the quest will be automatically deleted. Blitzquest grants a lot of experience points and should therefore always be completed when leveling.

Group Quests

Together with another adventurer, we can complete a number of tasks together. After the quest is accepted, the cooperative quest will be displayed on the world map and automatically accepted in the same area. Rewards are based on the contribution made. So we don’t get any reward if our contribution is too low. These are PvP & PvE events, as well as guild quests.

Daily Quests

As the name suggests, these are daily tasks. We receive up to three of these quests via Una’s tasks. These tasks are reset at 6:00 a.m. Upon completion, we will receive special rewards.

Weekly Quests

As the name suggests, these are daily or weekly missions. We receive up to three of these quests via Una’s tasks. The quests are reset at 6:00 a.m. Upon completion, we will receive special rewards.

Quest rewards

We receive different rewards for the different quest chains and quest types. With daily and weekly quests we get, for example, the Stone of Providence, the Stone of Birth, Star Breath, Fragments of Harmony, or the Spring Stone of Harmony.

  • Stone of Destiny
    • Can be exchanged with NPCs for relationship items.
  • Stone of Birth
    • This item must be polished with a Skill Stonecutter in order to be equipped.
  • Star Breath
    • A beautiful gem with Star Breath. Increases the equipment’s enhancement success rate.
  • Harmony
    • Fragment A rare, valuable fragment found in certain regions of Arkesia. Its internal energy is said to be powered by the energy of the stars that has seeped into the earth.
  • Harmony Jump Stone
    • A jump stone filled with Harmony energy. Used to strengthen equipment.

In general tasks and other quest types, we are rewarded with experience points, royal crystals, silver, wisdom, cards, potions, island tokens, and relationship points. In addition, we get rewards such as attribute points and skill points, especially with chain quests, which we use to strengthen our character.

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