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Lost Ark: Abilities & Skill Points Guide



Lost Ark: Tower of Doom - Walkthrough 1-50 floors

In Lost Ark, there are different ways how we strengthen our character. With one of these options, we unlock skill points for abilities so that they become better. In this guide, you will learn how many skill points you need for each ability and how you unlock all skill points.

How many skill points are there in Lost Ark? There are a total of 340 skill points in the release version of Lost Ark in Europe. Of these, we get 252 just by leveling from level 1 to 50 as a reward. More skill points come with further expansions for the game.

Skill point cost in abilities

In Lost Ark, we improve our skills by increasing their level. Upgrading to each level costs a certain number of skill points. The higher the skill level, the more skill points we need. At certain skill levels, we unlock upgrades for the skills. The upgrades themselves, as well as runes, with which we further strengthen the abilities, do not cost any skill points.

At skill level 11, there are two special features. It only costs 6 skill points and has level 55 as a requirement. Skill level 12 in turn has level 60 as a requirement.

skill levelskill point costUpgrade Activation

Origin of all skill point potions

We get skill points in Lost Ark in different ways. However, we get most of them automatically when leveling the character. Once we finish leveling, we go in search of skill point potions that grant us 3-6 skill points.

  • Leveling from level 1-50 (soft cap)
  • Leveling from level 50-55 (1st Hardcap)
  • Leveling from level 55-60 (2nd Hardcap)
  • As a reward for completing goals in the Tome of Adventures
  • As a reward at the tower
  • As a reward for turning in collectibles
  • As a reward for quests

How to get all skill point potions in Lost Ark we reveal later in this guide. We have sorted the origins by tier levels, as we already know how to get potions in upcoming updates and addons for Lost Ark.

Skill Point Potions – Tier 1

All skill point potions in this overview can be collected with the European release version of Lost Ark.

origintaskskill points
levelingLevel 1-50252
levelingLevel 50-5530
adventure tomeEast Luterra – 70%3
adventure tomeNorth Vern – 60%3
adventure tomeShuhire – 50%3
adventure tomeRaw end – 70%3
Ignea brandsThe reward at 8 tokens6
island marksThe reward at 20 tokens6
giant heartsThe reward at 4 hearts3
giant heartsThe reward at 6 hearts3
giant heartsThe reward at 10 hearts3
towerShadow Spire – Level 203
towerShadow Spire – Level 503
questlineKill harbor sawtooth rats in the Frozen More in Shuhire until you get an Ancient Follower as loot. This starts the following quest line, which ends with a skill point potion as a reward. The wayward son. A lost friend first aidThe Pacifist / The PacifistThe Hidden Robber3
questlineThe first task starts from an object on the ground on the Isle of Tranquility. The island is located just east of East Luterra . The first two tasks are quite simple and quick to complete. The third leads us first into the dungeon Tortoyk’s Heart in the Forest of Giants / Tortoyk and then into the Morai Ruins at Saland Hill / Yudia , where we should defeat the bosses. Who’s there?! a sad story Stone of Power3
questlineThe first task starts at Thirain in Castle Luterra / East Luterra and is pretty self-explanatory. Memories of LuterraA legend of Luterracheers and applause tree of hope light over the dark fields3
questlineThis questline consists of 3 tasks that we receive from Cadri in Anikka . However, the quests aren’t directly marked as chain quests in-game, so we’ve added starting locations and maps. Miraculous Find – Chang-Hun Port City (Map)Suspicious Souvenir – Rattan Hill (Map)Eggs in the Sky – Twilight Nebula (map)3
questsFor this skill point potion, we have to do a daily quest 7 times as well as several side quests, some of which are unlocked one after the other. The general requirement is the completion of the questline in Rohendel.Seal site repair (7 times) – Schauderwellensee / RohendelA Strange Magical Book – Shivering Waves (Map)The Book of Time – Elzowin’s Shadow (map)The Grimoire of Magic – Quest Item: Soft Golem Fragment – Bounty from Raging Magic Golem – Location Roaring Embankment (map)The Grimoire in the Fire – Roaring Embankment (map)The Pioneers – Xeneela Ruins (Map)What Remains in the Ruins – Xeneela Ruins (Map)Beast Attack – Xeneela Ruins (Map)Judgment – Xeneela Ruins (Map)The Book of Harmony – Xeneela Ruins (Map)Tower High Thanks – Rothun (map)Return journey – Schauderwellensee (map)3
questlineAwakening QuestlineFirst quest: [Journey] Strange MailFinal quest: [Awakening] The Sunset3

Skill Point Potions – Tier 2

We get all of the skill point potions in this overview with the first major upgrade or expansion for Lost Ark . With these skill point potions, we get a total of 357 skill points.

origintaskskill points
giant heartsThe reward at 12 hearts3
tower2. Tower – level 203
tower2. Tower – Level 503
reputation rewardLocation: Sunny IslandReputation level: 3Forest MinuteMusic of Resonance Harmony of Heavens3
questsLast requiem3
questsBuried alive3

Skill Point Potions – Tier 3

We get all of the skill point potions in this overview with the first major upgrade or expansion for Lost Ark . With these skill point potions, we get a total of 414 skill points.

origintaskskill points
levelingLevel 55-6030
adventure tomePunika – 80%6
Omnium StarsThe reward at 2 stars6
Omnium StarsThe reward at 6 stars6
tower3. Tower – Level 503
questlineLost letters separated by face affectionate name the same it’s never too late for happiness3
reputation rewardWisdom Isle3

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