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Lost Ark: How Do I Get Feiton Powerpass?



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Lost Ark’s new update is here and it has many new features in it along with a new powerpass as well just like the previous Vern Pass. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Feiton Powerpass and how you can activate it to apply to a character.

Feiton Powerpass

Powerpass lets you boost a character level up so you don’t have to actually grind on that character. The Vern Pass gives your character a boost to level 50 which is Tier 1 but the new Feiton Pass boosts the character you chose to level 960 which is Tier 2. The Feiton Pass is perfect for leveling up a new character or any character that you want to level up to Tier 2. This gives a huge advantage and you can skip hours long of gameplay for leveling up that character.

This is how I get Feiton Powerpass

To get the Feiton Powerpass you need to go to the character in-game mail and you’ll see the Feiton Powerpass there, claim it and you’d get the pass. If you don’t get the mail about the Feiton pass it means you haven’t completed the Feiton part of the story of the game. It is a must requirement in order to get the Feiton pass. To complete the Feiton part you need to do the main story quest called “Will” with any character and after you’ve done that, you’d get the email of the Feiton pass.

This is how I get Feiton Powerpass

Claim the Feiton Powerpass from the mail and it would be put in your inventory.

How do I Activate the Feiton Powerpass?

The Feiton Powerpass won’t do anything unless you activate it. For activation go to the inventory where your Feiton pass is stored, use the Feiton Powerpass and it’ll be available for you to select on the character selection screen of your account.

How do I Activate the Feiton Powerpass?

After this go to the character selection screen and choose the character that you want to level up with Feiton Powerpass. You can choose any one of your characters, you can choose the new Glavier character as well if you want. Select the character and down below choose powerpass option just beside the launch option, you’ll get the Feiton Pass Event Ticket there and you can use it on the character that you’ve chosen. If you don’t want to use it now and wait for the destroyer class to come then you can do that as well.

That is all regarding the Feiton Powerpass and hope this guide helped you with what you were seeking.

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