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Lost Ark: Leap’s Essence use explained



Lost Ark: Leap’s Essence use explained

A lot of users in the game are confused by the purpose of Leap’s Essence. In this guide, you’ll learn about the use of Leap’s Essence.

Lost Ark: Leap’s Essence use explained

Usage for Leaf’s Essence

Leap’s Essence is an Epic rarity item that will grant you 3000 life energy consumption. When you equip/use the Leap’s Essence, it shows a remaining Energy counter below your life energy tab. This gives you a benefit when you farm something you will be rewarded Double XP. The energy will also be consumed Double while you are active on Leap’s Essence. You can check the remaining energy and it will last till you use 3000 energy. It is really helpful in faster item gathering.

Confusion regarding the Leap’s Essence

It might be confusing for the players, as most of them understand Leaf’s Essence ability to grant them 3000 energy but it’s the other way around. It is likely a Double traded skill experience. When you’ve equipped Leaf’s Essence, you can press B to switch to trade skill mode. It is also really good for leveling up. For example, if you’re trying to do fast leveling from 10 to 20 level, Leaf’s Essence

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