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Lost Ark – World Tree Leaves Guide



Lost Ark - World Tree Leaves Guide

The World Tree Leaf is a collectible in Lost Ark that we get from the crafting professions. Collectibles are given to certain NPCs who reward us accordingly. As a reward for world tree leaves, we mainly get a talisman and related upgrades.

World Tree Leaf Vendor

Chapman is the World Tree Leaf Merchant and can be found in all major cities in Lost Ark with the tag “Exchange World Tree Leaf”.

World Tree Leaves Origin

The first World Tree Leaf can be obtained through the introductory quest Collecting Collectibles for Fun . It starts in Lakebar but should also start at Chapman in the big cities. We get all other world tree leaves randomly from all crafting professions .

  • Collect
    • world tree leaf 2
    • world tree leaf 8
    • World Tree Leaf 14
    • world tree leaf 20
    • World Tree Leaf 26
    • World Tree Leaf 41
  • Chop wood
    • world tree leaf 3
    • world tree leaf 9
    • World Tree Leaf 15
    • World tree leaf 21
    • World Tree Leaf 27
    • World Tree Leaf 42
  • Mining
    • world tree leaf 4
    • world tree leaf 10
    • World Tree Leaf 16
    • World tree leaf 22
    • World Tree Leaf 28
    • World Tree Leaf 43
  • To hunt
    • world tree leaf 5
    • World tree leaf 11
    • world tree leaf 17
    • World tree leaf 23
    • world tree leaf 29
    • World Tree Leaf 44
  • fishing
    • world tree leaf 6
    • World Tree Leaf 12
    • world tree leaf 18
    • World tree leaf 24
    • World Tree Leaf 30
    • World Tree Leaf 45
  • excavation
    • world tree leaf 7
    • World Tree Leaf 13
    • world tree leaf 19
    • World Tree Leaf 25
    • World tree leaf 31
    • World Tree Leaf 46

World Tree Leaf Rewards

After every 6 World Tree Leaves, a new reward is unlocked in a specific order. These include, above all, bonuses for crafting skills. At 48 World Tree Leaves, that’s 8 rewards.

What does the talisman do in Lost Ark? The Talisman is a useful item for crafting in Lost Ark. We use it to improve all professions and make them run faster.

  • Adept’s Crafting Skill EXP Potion
    • Generates 2,200 XP for each trade skill.
  • Pale Arch
    • Talisman A talisman carved from a faint glowing ore. He gives spiritual comfort.
  • Adept’s Crafting Set
    • An essential material for crafting Adept tradeskill tools.
  • Great Masterpiece #11
    • A masterpiece created by one of the greatest artists in the world. Its beauty overwhelms a beholder. Alfonso on Sunflower Island will exchange various items for it.
  • Morphing: Rabbit
    • Allows you to transform into a blue or pink rabbit.
  • Pale Citrine
    • Used to upgrade special equipment (talismans).
  • Life Skill Master Title
    • Use to earn the Life Skill Master title. Increases Charisma by 5 upon obtaining the title.
  • Silent Citrine
    • Used to upgrade special equipment (talismans).

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