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Marauders: Quick Money-Making Guide



Marauders: Quick Money-Making Guide

Marauders is a first-person multiplayer shooter game in which you have to go on raids and gather valuable items to make money and buy advanced equipment for your gear. You can make money by completing the Traders’ quests or by selling the goods to the traders. The easiest way to make money is by selling the jewelry items to the traders because of their worth.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can quickly make money in Marauders.

Quick Money – Making

If you are doing for a raid only for the money then you need to head to the Iridium Mine area. You need to go to the Airlock gate no. 5E because this gate is closest to the safe that we are going to raid to make money. After opening the gate, you need to run straight through the tunnel and you’ll see a dead raider. This dead body only spawns sometimes but if the body is there, do loot it. Now, go to the left and go down the stairs. There’ll be a door in front of you with FOREMAN written above it when you come down the stairs. Go into the door and you’ll find a safe under the table. This safe need a lock pick that you’ll make at the start of the game as well. You can also find lock picks from the dead raiders.

Make sure to look at the table above the safe because this table has a spawn point of the Gold Ring. If you see a gold ring on the table, do grab it and then use the lock pick on the safe to unlock it. This safe mostly has a spawn of Jewelry boxes, War bonds, Gold coins, Silver coins, and Copper coins. All of these items are expensive. After looting all of the items in the safe, go back to the way where you come from and go back to the docking area of your ship. Safely extract through the Escape doors to complete the raid.

Marauders: Quick Money-Making Guide

Now, drag all of the items, you got from the raid and open the jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes mostly give coins, war bonds, and gold rings. After that, go to the trade tab and select Captain Wolff to sell the items to him. Select all of the items you got from the raid and sell them. You’ll easily get 60k+ by selling all of the items from that safe alone. This raid will only take about 3-4 minutes but will be very useful for you to make money quickly and buy new items to craft and make more advanced gear and weapons.

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