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Marauders: Trading – Guide



Marauders: Trading – Guide

Marauders is like a space Tarkov game in which you’ll have to raid areas to get valuable items and then extract through those areas successfully to gain XP that’ll help you level up your character. The items that you find in the raid can be gear, guns, ammo, healing, and valuables which are mostly for earning money. You can earn money through trading.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how trading works in Marauders.


When you are in your safe area, you’ll see a tab name Trade in which you’ll get to see different traders from three different Factions. These traders will sell you items and you can also sell them items that you have gotten from the raid or the items that you don’t need anymore. Buying and Selling items can be done with the simple Drag and Drop method. If you want to buy an item, Drag the item from the trader’s inventory to yours and if you want to sell an item, drag the item from your inventory to the trader’s inventory. Traders that you’ll see in the Trade section will be from one of these three Factions.

  • Kingdom Alliance
  • United Allies
  • Central Empire

To increase the reputation level with a Faction, you’ll have to complete Contracts for them. Every 24 hours, you’ll get new contracts from the Factions and upon completing the contracts, you’ll increase your reputation with Faction and you’ll get a discount on the items from the trader of that Faction. Not only that but increasing the reputation will also let you buy more items from the trader of that Faction. After every 15 minutes, the trader will change and the next trader from the other faction will come which will sell you different items.

It is very useful to complete the contracts to get more items from the traders for cheap. The items that you’ll sell will have the same selling rate as all the traders of the Factions so it doesn’t matter which item you need to sell to which trader.

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