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Marauders: Starting to Ending Raid – Guide



Marauders: Starting to Ending Raid - Guide

Marauders is a tactical first-person multiplayer looter shooter game that is set in space. Players would need to go to the raiding area solo or in a group of 4 players in a ship. Loot the raiding area and then get back in the ship and fly it to the extraction point. There are also crafting and salvaging in this game which will help players to survive the raids. As there are a lot of mechanics in the game, new players will find it a bit difficult to understand all the aspects of the game.

In this guide, we’ll be covering all the basic mechanics of starting and ending the raid in the game that will help new players of this game to understand it better.

Gearing Up

At the start of the game, the game will provide you with basic free items and credits. In the Gear section, you equip your Marauder with all the necessities for a successful raid. In order to loot the valuables from the raid location, you need to have a Backpack. There are different sizes of Backpacks and each one of them has a different space in which you can store all the valuables that you loot from the raiding locations. A Helmet and Vest are needed to protect your Marauder from the AIs and Hostile Marauders in the Raiding location. You’ll increase your survival chances by equipping Helmet and Vest. Some vests also provide their own storage in which you can store items from the raid as well. For the Weapons, you’ll have two main weapon slots, 1 Pistol slot, and 1 melee weapon slot. Every weapon has a specific ammunition type so check the ammunition type in the top left corner of the gun and then put that ammunition in your gear. If you bring the wrong ammunition, your weapons will be useless. For the healing, you can also bring medical supplies in the raid that’ll help you heal if you get injured during the raid. But be careful during the raid because if you die at any point of the raid, all of your gear will be lost.

Crew Members and Ship

After gearing your Marauder, you can create a crew of up to 4 players. You’ll create a lobby and you can protect it with a password or leave it open for random players to join your crew. One of the members of the Crew is a captain who will be the Pirate of the ship. The Captain will control the ship to the Raiding Location. The other members of the crew will be gunners that can only shoot with the ship. The captain of the ship will control the ship with movement keys, spacebar to go up, and left ctrl to go down.

Raid Areas

The ship can land at the Raid Areas that are indicated with the Yellow Areas. You can dock your ship inside one of the yellow areas. After docking inside the area, your ship will be connected to an airlock and after opening the doors, you’ll enter the Raid area. Remember the Airlock of your ship because you can only get out of the raid with your ship so, after the raid, you have to come back to the same airlock and use the panel to unlock the airlock to get to the ship. You can also escape with the Escape Pods in the raid area but leaving with the Escape Pod will lose you your active ship.

Leaving Raids

After raiding an area, if you are satisfied with your raid, you’ll need to find the Escape Gates to extract. You can go through the Escape gates with your ship or Escape Pods as well. After extracting through the Escape Gates, all the valuables and items that you have collected will be yours and you can use them in your future raids.

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