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Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Get the Rifle



Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Get the Rifle

Outcast – A New Beginning is a new Sci-Fi action-adventure game that will allow players to explore a mysterious Alien Planet named Adelpha. During the early hours of the gameplay, players will get various equipment items which include a jetpack, shield, scanner, and pistol that players can use to progress ahead.

However, for the players who were wondering if is there any other gun in the game, the answer is Yes, and it is a Rifle that players can get after a couple of hours into the main playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Rifle in Outcast – A New Beginning.

How to Get the Rifle in Outcast – A New Beginning

The Rifle is obtained by completing the Priority Mission named “Retrieve the New Gear” in the EMEA region. As players pursue the missions in the EMEA region, a mysterious man will mention an outpost near EMEA that holds new gear for Cutter Slade. Upon unlocking this mission, open the map to track the marked outpost, SAN-1S located in the southeast of EMEA.

Make your way to the outpost and eliminate all the enemies on the outpost. Continue ahead in the outpost and as you reach the main room, there will be an outpost chest beneath the staircase. Open the chest to get Nano Cells and a new weapon module, “Charged Shot”. Now, make your way up the staircase and reach the room with the main glowing chest. Interact with the chest to start a major cutscene and after the cutscene, you will get the Rifle.

How to Use the Rifle in Outcast – A New Beginning

Once you have obtained the Rifle by completing the required mission, you will be able to switch between the pistol and the rifle by pressing the Y (XBOX) or Triangle (PlayStation) button on the controller.

The Rifle is similar to the pistol weapon but it uses the Red Helidium as a power source which makes it deal more damage to the enemies. Furthermore, similar to the pistol, you will also be able to equip weapon mods on the Rifle from the Weapon Modules menu.

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