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Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Get Nano Cells



Outcast - A New Beginning: How to Get Nano Cells

The Alien planet Adelpha offers various types of materials that players can obtain and use for several purposes. Most of these materials are different types of Helidium but another crucial material that is required for a couple of purposes is Nano Cell. It is used for unlocking the Combat Skills as well as an additional Weapon Module which makes your weapon stronger.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Nano Cells in Outcast – A New Beginning.

How to Get Nano Cells in Outcast – A New Beginning

The Nano Cells can be obtained from two different methods in Outcast – A New Beginning. The first method involves killing the Droids and the Human enemies which is pretty straightforward, whereas, the second method requires players to loot the Outpost Chests. Both of these methods grant a decent amount of Nano Cells which players can farm by exploring the world more thoroughly.

Kill the Droids and human Enemies to Gain Nano Cells

The basic method to get the Nano Cells is by eliminating the simple Droid and flying Droid enemies as well as the Human enemies. You will encounter these enemies mostly in the Outposts scattered across the planet. As you progress through the main quests, you will run into them quite often.

However, for extra farming of Nano Cells, you can choose to seek out the Outposts and eliminate every Droid and Human enemy.

Loot the Outpost Chests to Gain Nano Cells

Right from the beginning of the game, you will be shown various Outposts across the planet that are run by Droids and Humans. Each outpost holds valuable content and materials that can be obtained by infiltrating the outpost. You will get to infiltrate most of them during the main quests but it is essential to seek them by yourself.

As you eliminate the enemies around the outposts, make sure to explore the outposts and use your Scanning Ability to scan for any switches or nearby chests. The Outpost Chests have a glowing Green Light on them which makes them easy to locate. Interact with the chest to loot it to gain Nano Cells along with newer Weapon Mods if lucky.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to upgrade your Jetpack to have two boost charges which will allow you to jump two times and reach higher ledges. As most of the outposts are located high in the air from the ground, it will be a lot easier for you to infiltrate them and get Nano Cells from both killing the enemies and looting the chests.

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