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Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Unlock Skills



Outcast - A new Beginning: How to unlock skills

Outcast – A New Beginning offers an exciting Sci-Fi adventure on an Alien planet named Adelpha. Throughout your early adventures and the beginning test from Lehaz, you will gain a Jetpack, a Shield, and a weapon to help you out in the action-packed adventure. All of these items are your main equipment and can be enhanced by unlocking the skills in the respective Skill Tree.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock skills in Outcast – A New Beginning.

How to Unlock Skills in Outcast – A New Beginning

The skills in Outcast – A New Beginning are divided into two separate Skill Trees which can be accessed from the menu of the game. Open the menu and navigate to the Skill Tree tab to find the Skill Tree for Jetpack and Combat.

The skills in the Jetpack section will provide more features of your Jetpack allowing you more jumping charges, gliding, and many more. The skills in the Combat section will help you improve your melee and weapon combat by providing you with the ability to upgrade weapon modules. 

Unlocking the skills from each Skill Tree will require a specific material. The jetpack Skills will require Blue Helidium whereas, the Combat Skills will require Nano Cells. Both of these materials are gained from different activities spread across the world so, you must explore the world and try to complete the activities to attain them.

Once you have enough for a skill in the respective Skill Tree, open the Skill Tree and hold down the A (XBOX) or X (PlayStation) to unlock the skill. There are 32 skills in total and unlocking each one will require a certain amount of the respective materials. The early skills will require fewer materials while the skills that are lower in the Skill Trees will require more, so it is essential to seek out the materials throughout your playthrough to unlock as many skills as possible.

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