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Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Increase Boost Charges



Outcast - A New Beginning: How to Increase Boost Charges

Exploring Planet Adelpha will often let you use the boost charges of your Jetpack to reach higher places like Outposts and ledges to discover the hidden areas. Players will start with only one boost charge allowing them to jump higher only for one time. However, players can unlock the ability to jump multiple times to reach higher places by using more boost charges.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase Boost Charges in Outcast – A New Beginning.

How to Increase Boost Charges in Outcast – A New Beginning

To increase the Boost Charges of your Jetpack in Outcast – A New Beginning to jump higher and reach higher places, you will have to unlock the “Energy Battery” skills in the Jetpack Skill Tree. The Jetpack Skill Tree includes various skills that will allow you to unlock new capabilities of the jetpack and unlocking the energy battery is one of the crucial ones.

Fortunately, the very first Energy Battery can be unlocked fairly early in the game as it is the very first skill in the Jetpack Skill Tree. For the rest of the Energy Battery skills, players will have to unlock the other skills to unlock the next node in the tree. There are 4 Energy Battery skills in the tree which players will be able to unlock throughout the course of their adventure and each of them will require a certain amount of Blue Helidium.

Blue Helidium is the primary requirement for unlocking the Jetpack skills and players must earn them as much as possible by completing the missions and participating in a side activity called Orym Trails. The very first Energy Battery skill will only cost 50 Blue Helidium which can be earned easily but for the rest of them, players will have to grind to unlock them.

Unlocking each new Energy Battery will add an additional charge to the Jetpack which will allow players to jump the same number of times as the charges.

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