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Outcast – A New Beginning: How to Get Blue Helidium



Outcast - A New Beginning: How to Get Blue Helidium

Blue Helidium is one of the crucial materials in Outcast – A New Beginning which is mainly used for unlocking the Jetpack skills for the character. As each jetpack skill helps you improve your movement and gives you further charges to stay in the air or glide, more Blue Helidium will be required to unlock any further skills.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Blue Helidium in Outcast – A New Beginning.

How to Get Blue Helidium in Outcast – A New Beginning

The Blue Helidium can be obtained from two different methods in Outcast – A New Beginning. The very first method is simple and straightforward which requires you to complete the main and side quests. Upon completing the side quests, you will be granted a significant amount of Blue Helidium. The second method requires you to complete a side activity known as Orym Trails. These trails are scattered around the world and are a sort of parkour course that can be completed using the jetpack’s capabilities.

Complete the Missions to Gain Blue Helidium

As you pursue the main story of the game, you will get access to the Quest Log through which you will be able to initiate various quests. It will include both main and side quests that are available at the moment. Complete all of the missions to gain most of the Blue Helidium.

Participate and Complete the Orym Trails

Orym Trail is one of the side activities scattered throughout the planet that players can initiate by interacting with a glowing blue alien flower with an aura around it. Upon starting the side activity, all players have to do is run or fly through the green glowing orbs.

As players reach the end of the course, they will see another alien flower that they need to strike to destroy it and as a result, the flower will drop Blue Helidium and the activity will be concluded.

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