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Overwatch 2: Beginners Guide



Overwatch 2: Beginners Guide

Overwatch 2 is finally here and it is free to play which means a lot of players will give it a shot other than the previous Overwatch players. The new players will find it a bit difficult to understand what overwatch’s main objective is or what exactly they have to do instead of killing the enemies. The previous players will have an idea of the Overwatch playstyle but there are also some things that are newly added in overwatch 2 as well.

In this guide, we’ll be going through all the things that a new player should know in Overwatch 2.

New Content in Overwatch 2

The first thing that we are going to talk about is all the new content in Overwatch 2. All the previous players of Overwatch will see that there is no Player Level in Overwatch 2 instead they added a Battle Pass system. The Battle Pass System is based on Tiers and a single tier requires 10,000 XP to get to the next level and give you a certain reward for that tier. Players can also choose the Premium Battle Pass track which will cost them $10. The Premium has more rewards but the free Battle Pass also gives you all the major rewards that you need, like the new hero Kiriko. The Premium ones will get to unlock Kiriko at the start and the free ones will unlock her at Level 55.

The Challenges are added in order to level up the Battle Pass quickly. There are Daily, Weekly, Season, and Lifetime challenges that will give you a certain amount of XP when you complete them. Daily challenges change after 24 hours and weekly challenges change after 1 week. The Season Challenges will change in the next season of Overwatch 2 with a new Battle Pass and Lifetime Challenges will remain the same.

The new heroes are also added in Overwatch 2. There are three new heroes and each one of them has a different role. Kiriko is a support role hero, Sojourn is a DPS role hero, and Junker Queen is a Tank role hero. The matches are also now 5v5 instead of 6v6, Tank will have now more responsibility in the matches.

Learning Roles

There are three types of Roles in Overwatch 2. Support, DPS, and Tank. The match that you are going to play is with 1 of these roles-based heroes. The new players of Overwatch 2 should go into the Practice Range and select a hero for one of the roles and test it to see if they are comfortable with this role or hero. They can change the role and hero as well to adjust to a certain role for the matches. If you have played a support role in other games then maybe you would get adjusted to the support role of a hero. Once the player is adjusted to the abilities and movement of a hero then he’d be able to compete in a Competitive match.

The Objective of the Game

The new players will see overwatch 2 as a team deathmatch game but it is not that. The match has a certain objective that both teams have to fulfill and the team that completes the objective will take the Victory. You’ll have to kill the enemies to push them back in their spawn so your team can move in and hold the position. The roles like support and Tank will play a major role in holding down the objective in the game and the DPS role is to take the duel against the enemies with the help of support and tank role heroes.

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