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Overwatch 2: How Do Competitive Ranks Work?



Overwatch 2: How Do Competitive Ranks Work?

Overwatch 2 has been fully released and the Competitive players are jumping onto the servers to unlock their ranks in the new Overwatch 2. Competitive Mode is a bit changed than the original game and it is now 5v5 with new maps and some new heroes as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how the Competitive Rank works in Overwatch 2.

Playing Competitive

For the new players that are new to Overwatch 2, they cannot simply just play Competitive at the start. The new players will have to win 50 Quick Matches before they get to play in the competitive match. However, the old players of Overwatch when they link their accounts, they’d be able to play the competitive match in Overwatch 2 without winning 50 quick matches. It is because of the reason that new players will need time to adjust to the game and developers didn’t want to ruin it for the other competitive players.

Opening Rank

After unlocking the Competitive mode, you’ll be able to unlock your rank division. To reveal your Skill Tier, you need to win 7 Matches or lose 20 Matches. At the start, you’ll be placed in one of the lower divisions and then you have to improve in that rank division to climb up to the next Skill tier. There is a total of 8 Rank Divisions in Overwatch 2 and 5 of them are counted as lower divisions and the highest skill tier that a player can unlock is Diamond 1.

Overwatch 2: How Do Competitive Ranks Work?

After unlocking the Rank, your Rank Division will not change after winning a single game or losing a single, it will change after winning 7 games or losing 20 games. Every Rank has 5 numerical divisions and you’d have to climb through all of them to reach the highest Skill Tier which is the Top 500. Top 500 only includes the top players from a certain region and this Skill Tier doesn’t have any division. The Ranks in the Overwatch 2 are the following.

  • Bronze (5 – 1)
  • Silver (5 – 1)
  • Gold (5 – 1)
  • Platinum (5 – 1)
  • Diamond (5 – 1)
  • Master (5 – 1)
  • Grandmaster (5 – 1)
  • Top 500

Rank Decay

If you stopped playing or took a break from the Competitive play of Overwatch 2, your MMR will start to go down gradually and when you come back, you’ll be placed in a lower Skill Tier than the original Skill Tier. It is because the player will not be in that previous state when he left the game so the system puts him in the lower-rank server when he comes back. After playing the match, your MMR will increase or decrease due to your play style.

Rank Rewards

The rewards that you’ll get from Overwatch 2 Competitive mode are now a bit different than the original game. You’ll get Competitive Points from winning the match or drawing the match and you’ll also get a certain amount of CP depending on your Rank Division at the end of the season. Players will be able to buy rewards with these Competitive Points and can buy a Golden Gun for 3,000 CP for each hero. You’ll also get the titles to put on your name card in the following season.

The CP that you’ll get will be one of your highest ranks in the season. If you have hit the Diamond and after that, you’ve come down to Platinum, you’ll get the CP for the Diamond Rank at the end of the season. The CP that players will get at the end of the season according to their highest ranks are the following.

  • Bronze (65 CP)
  • Silver (125 CP)
  • Gold (250 CP)
  • Platinum (500 CP)
  • Diamond (750 CP)
  • Master (1,200 CP)
  • Grandmaster (1,750 CP)
  • Top 500 (1,750 CP)

Players will get titles as well with the CP that they can equip on their Name Card.

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