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Overwatch 2: How to Play Kiriko



Overwatch 2: How to Play Kiriko

Kiriko is a supporting hero that is necessary for the competitive composition in Overwatch. Kiriko has a unique playstyle that will let players play her as a healer, aggressive, or even DPS hero.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Play Kiriko in overwatch 2.

How to Play Kiriko

Kiriko’s primary fire is Healing Ofuda which is a chain of Talismans that heals the allies. You can shoot 10 Talismans or even shoot 1 by 1 to gradually heal the allies. The best way to use this is to change it from Toggle to Hold so you can use the Healing Ofuda sparingly to heal your allies. The secondary fire is Kunai which is a sharp projectile that deals 40 to 120 damage to enemies but in order to deal the max damage, you need to master your aim with Kiriko to hit the enemies on the head with Kunai to literally one-shot them as they do extra critical damage.

You can also combine Healing Ofuda with Spirit Step to teleport to near your ally who is low on hp and heal him with the Healing Ofuda. Spirit Step allows you to teleport to your ally and you can even teleport through walls. While you are teleporting, you’ll become invulnerable for a short period of time until the animation is complete. You can also dodge attacks from enemies by using this ability and teleport to your ally.

Kiriko can also climb the walls on which she jumps. To climb the wall just jump on the wall to climb it and you can use this for rotation or even flanking the enemy. You need to use the Protection Suzu ability when your allies are in a fight. You can assist them by making them invulnerable for a short period of time as well as removing all the negative effects on them. This’ll allow them to advance in the fight or if they are low on numbers, get out of the fight and advance into the fight when all the other allies get together.

To push into the fight, you need to use Kiriko’s ultimate named Kitsune Rush as it will allow you to cast a fox spirit and the area of effect of Kitsune Rush will increase the Cooldown Speed of your allies, Movement Speed, and Attacking Speed which will allow you team to push into the objective. Her ultimate will increase the momentum of the team and they’ll be able to win the important battles in the fight.

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