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Overwatch 2: How to Play Junker Queen



Overwatch 2: How to Play Junker Queen

Junker Queen is a new Tank Role Hero in Overwatch 2 and she has a unique skill set that is great for close combat engagements. All of her abilities revolve around dealing damage to the enemies and healing herself and the allies. She is a great hero that you might want to learn in overwatch 2 to win fights with the enemies and take the victory.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to play Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

How to Play Junker Queen

Junker Queen’s primary fire is Scattergun which is basically a shotgun but it is one of the best shotguns of the rest of the heroes that have shotguns as their weapons. The Scattergun can deal damage up to 80 damage and it is still decent in long ranges. The Scattergun pallets don’t spread that much which results in dealing more damage. The secondary fire of Junker Queen is Jagged Blade which actually deals more damage than the shot of the Scattergun. The knife has a cooldown of 6 seconds but once you’ve thrown the knife at the enemy, you can press the right click again to call back the knife but the knife will also pull the Enemy with it. If the enemy is in front of you and you’ve thrown the knife at him then call the knife back and as the enemy gets close, shoot him with the Scattergun to deal a great amount of damage or even kill him.

You can also combine this combo with the Carnage ability. Throw the knife at the enemy and then time the carnage ability as the knife is set to come back in 6 seconds to hit the enemy with the Axe. Axe deals 90 damage and in most cases, you’ll kill the enemy when you hit them with the axe after calling back with the knife.

The Jagged Knife and Carnage deal Wound damage to enemies which results in healing her as she deals wound damage over time to enemies. You can literally stay in the fight and start throwing knives at the enemies or swing your axe to get the heal. You can also assist your allies by increasing their momentum in the fight by using the Commanding Shout ability. This will heal you as well as your allies by 50 and increase their movement speed by 30%. This ability is most useful when you are taking heavy fire with your allies. You can also use the ultimate ability of Junker Queen called Rampage in this situation will let her swing the axe at the enemies dealing wound damage to them which will also prevent them from being healed. Using both of these abilities in heavy fire will shift the fight in your favor and your allies will get the momentum to defeat the enemies as they couldn’t be able to get healed in the fight.

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