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Overwatch 2: How to Do Super Jump with Mercy Hero



Overwatch 2: How to Do Super Jump with Mercy Hero

Overwatch has various heroes with different types of heroes and one of the top-notch support heroes is Mercy. Mercy is a powerful healer with a versatile moveset that allows her to provide healing from her unique resurrection ability. One particular trick that players had done with Mercy is Super Jump which allows players to jump over the tall structures on the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can do Super Jump in Overwatch 2 with Mercy.

Doing a Super Jump with Mercy

Players have been spamming Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 1 and over the years, the developers have tweaked the super jump technique so the players cannot spam this movement technique in the matches. But it is still very good and in Overwatch 2, you can actually do the Super Jump with Mercy the same way you did in Overwatch. There were some rumors that developers have completely fixed this and players would not be able to do it but it still works in overwatch 2 but not as good as it was in overwatch.

To do the super jump, it is important for you to be near one of your allies. Once you are near your ally, you need to point your crosshair to the ally and use the Guardian Angel ability. This will pull you close to an ally and you need to point in the direction and then let go of the Guardian Angel’s ability to jump in the direction you are pointing. In overwatch 1, it was easy to do the super jump because you didn’t have to point in the direction, you just take off high up in the air but in overwatch 2, you’ll have to specifically flick in the direction after using the Guardian Angel ability.

The Super Jump in overwatch 2 will take some practice to master and you can also jump backward by flicking your mouse down. It will bounce you up in the backward direction but you’ll not get that high in the air, if you have a good movement then you’ll be able to dodge enemies or flank them easily while doing the Super Jump.

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